This website focuses on asking questions and delving into answers about college and universities through written posts and my book – Doing College Righter.  Additionally, I provide information about books and products that I think are valuable to certain people.

I have spent the majority of my life in colleges and universities as an undergraduate student, a graduate student, a researcher, and a professor.  My homepage can provide you with some of those details of my day to day activities and research.

The disclaimer is that this is all advice.  Advice can be taken, but it is based on opinion.  In some cases, I back up some of my ideas by referencing other people’s ideas and even sometimes with scientific studies.   However, we all understand that just because it is published (even with the framework of science) that it is all just models that we, currently, believe are trueScience provides us with a methodology to create theories that under repetitive experimentation appear to be true, but still can not be called (conclusively) a fact.  Use your own mind with advice and take it for the better.


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