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CollegeQandA says: Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing for the Summer

Bird in water with fish in its mouthWell, as the school semester draws to an end, I’m taking a break from writing here until next semester.  I might do a little writing over the summer for this blog, but my focus will be on cleaning up the website and getting the book into final stages.  If you have any questions that you would like me to write about, then feel free to contact me.  Otherwise, best of luck in your summers, and keep on learning and doing.

Credits: photo titled: Watercolour Wildlife – June 2013 – Successful Grebe in the Early Evening Sunshine; by Gareth Williams


Question – What are some useful summer activities to prepare for my first year at university?

The first year of undergraduate study is a major transition for a person moving from high school to university.   In many cases, you will be out on your own for the first time, you will have less contact with your teachers, you will be expected to do much of the learning on your own, and the pace of your courses is fast.

In the few remaining months of summer what can you do to help prepare?

Here are two things that will help:

  • Review your math.  The hardest courses for first years will, likely, be calculus or physics.  These courses are problem based courses, so start practicing early.  I suggest Khan’s academy (math) as a nice organized progression.
  • Learn to program.  If you don’t know how to program, then start now.  Programming is a tool that will help you automate things, make your own creations, and understand how problems can be broken down into steps.  Khan’s academy (programming) or Hello Processing are two of many options.